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AMB-541 Series
Industrial LCD Panel PCs

    The compact size, painted metal steel chssis, bigger in size and higher brightness that support SVGA (800x600) or XGA (1024x768) resolution of AMB-541 series panel PCs poise as one of the ideal man-machince interface with 13.8" XGA color TFT or 14.2" SVGA color DSTN LCD display. They include a PCI-bus MBC-266 graphic card, ISA/PCI 5-slot passive backplane and also 3 disk drive housing provided for a 3.5" FDD & HDD and a 5.25" FDD or CD-ROM drive. Available option item for this series are touchscreen and DC power supply (ask for additional price table).

AMB 541 LCD Panel PCs

  • NEMA 4/12 painted aluminum alloy front panel
  • 13.8" XGA color TFT or 14.2" SVGA color DSTN LCD display
  • PCI-bus MBC-266 grahics card
  • ISA/PCI-bus 5-slot passive backplane
  • 3 disk drive housing: 3.5" FDD & HDD, a 5.25" FDD or CD-ROM driver.
  • Hold-down clamp protecting cards from vibration
  • Universal 250W switching power supply (or other options)
  • Analog resistive touchscreen (option)
  • General
    Construction: painted metal steel chassis & NEMA 4/12 aluminum alloy front panel
    FDD housing: for two 3.5" FDDs
    HDD housing: for two 3.5" HDDs
    Cooling system: a 64 CFM fan
    Dimension: 16.5" x 11.8" x 8" (WxHxD)
    Weight: 27.55 lbs
  • Power supply
    (see selection table)
  • Passive backplane
    5-slot ISA-bus
    4-layer PCB with ground/power-plane for noise reduction and power supply impedance
    LED power indicators for +5V, -5V, +12V, -12V
  • Environmental
    Operating temperature: 0șC to 50șC
    Storage temperature: -20șC to 60șC
    Relative humidity: 5 to 95%, non-condensing
    Altitude: 10,000 ft. (3000 meters)
    Vibration (operating):
    5 to 17Hz, 0.1" double-amplitude displayment
    17 to 500Hz, 1.5G peak to peak
    Shock: 10G peak acceleration (11 msec. duration)
    EMI: meets FCC/VDE Class A

Dimensions Unit: mm

Order Information (Check to quote for price)
  • AMB-541C:
    with 14" DSTN color LCD display
  • AMB-541C/Touch:
    with 14" DSTN color LCD display & Touchscreen
  • AMB-5411T:
    with 13.8" XGA color TFT LCD display
    Includes: same as AMB-541C
  • AMB-5411T/Touch - with 13.8" XGA color TFT LCD display & Touchscreen

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