Pentium II || P5-586 || D4-486
SSC-5x86H Half-size SBC
CPU Intel", AMD", Cyrix", Ti", SGS" 486SX2/DX4 or 5x86 CPU
Cache Up to 128KB SDRAM
Chipset ALI-M1487/M1489
Architecture Watchdog Timer
On-Board Interface IDE, FD Controller, 2 Serial port, PCI-104, Parallel port, Mouse/KBD Connector, 2x72-pin SIMM sockets
Memory Up to 64MB DRAM (EDO, DRAM) 
DiskOnChip 32-pin socket / 2 MB model available (up to 24MB)
Bios 27C010 EPROM with Award BIOS
Speaker Internal buzzer & external speaker connector
Serial Port Two 16550 UARTs RS-232/422/485
Temperature Operating: 0~55C 
Storage -40~75C 
Humidity: 10%-95% (non-condensing)
Dimension (LxW) 6.77" x 4.73" Half-size SBC
Option DiskOnChip
WARRANTY 1 Year Parts & Labor
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SSC-5x86H: ISA Half-Size Card.

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