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P5-55T Single Board Computer

The P5-55T is carefully designed based on Intel's Pentium® with MMX" Technology CPUs, Intel's Pentium® 43HX chipset for the demanding industrial PC uesr who wants a great many features in a small package. Is equpped with BIOS that supports auto detection of hard drives and Plug and Play to make setup of hard driverd expansion cards virtually automatic. The P5-55T works with standard ISA bus and/or PCI/ISA bus passive backplane with PICMG(PCI Industrial Computer Manufacture Group) Conpatible.
Using Intels Pentium® 430HX PCI set together with parity DRAM modules can detect multi-bit memory errors and correct 1-bit memory errors. On board L2 cache supports 512KB Pipelined Burst SRAM and the systems memory upgradable from 8MB to 384MB FPM or EDO on 6 SIMMs slots.
The P5-55T also support two PCI EIDE interfaces for up to four devices, pipelined snoop ahead feature, and improved PCI to DRAM write-back policy.
VGA Subsystem of P5-55T take advantage of both 32-bit PCI bus and 16-bit ISA bus to provide high performance graphics accelerator. The ATImach64 advanced 264VT 64-bit graphics engine with compatibility and enhanced drivers, creative Lab audio drives and utility which are supported by most operating system and applications.
Other features include two RS-232 serial ports (16C550 UARTs FIFO compatible) one enhanced parallel port (Support EPP/ ECP), two floppy drives of either 5.25" and 3.5" devices and USBP Connector.

Pentium® P5-55T
CPU 75~200MHz Pentium® w/ MMX" Technology, 75~200MHz AMD K6", & 75~200MHz Cyrix M2"
Cache L2 512KB
Chipset Intel" 430HX PCI set
Architecture Watchdog Timer
Support Pentium® with MMX" Technology processors at Bus Frequencies up to 66 MHz.
Memory 8MB~384MB DRAM (FPM, EDO or BRDO)  6 slot simm module
On-board VGA ATI 264VT 64-bit PCI Graphic Accelerator, support 2MB Display DRAM. 135MHz RAMDAC Resolution
On-board I/O SMC 37C669FR Chipset, supports
1 x FDD Port (up to 2.88MB)
2 x Serial Ports (16550 Fast UART compatible)
1 x EPP/ ECP Parallel Port
IrDA TX/ RX Heade
PS/2 Mouse & PS/2 KB Connector
Supports the Universal Serial Bus (USB)
Bios Award w/ plug&play BIOS, Green Function & Power Management Function
Temperature Operating: 0~55°C 
Storage -40~75°C 
Humidity: 10%-95% (non-condensing)
Dimension (LxW) 13.3" x 4.8"
Bus 16-bit ISA, 32-bit PCI/ISA PCIMG compatible
WARRANTY 1 Year Parts & Labor
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On-board VGA: ATI 264VT 64bit PCI Graphic Accelerator, support 2MB Display DRAM. 135MHz RAMDAC
Display Screen Refresh Rate Hor. Scan Pixel Clock Colors (bits per pixel) 2MB DRAM
Resolution (Hz) (KHz) (MHz) 4 8 16 24 32
640 x 480 60 31.4 25.2 Y Y Y Y Y
640 x 480 90 47.9 39.9 Y v Y Y Y
640 x 480 100 53.9 44.9 Y Y Y -  
800 x 600 60 37.8 40.0 Y Y Y Y  
800 x 600 75 46.8 49.5 Y Y Y    
800 x 600 100 62.5 67.5 Y Y      
1024 x 768 75 60.0 78.8 Y Y Y    
1024 x 768 100 79.0 110.0 Y Y      
1152 x 864 60 54.9 80.0 Y Y      
1152 x 864 80 75.1 110.0 Y Y      
1280 x 1024 75 79.9 135.5 Y Y      


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