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The PRO-P6VT is carefully designed based on Intel's Pentium® Pro processor(s), New Intel's Pentium® 440FX chipset for the demanding industrial PC user who wants great many features in a small package. Is equipped with BIOS that supports auto detection of hard drives and Plug and Play to make setup of hard drivers expansion cards virtually automatic. The PRO-P6VT works with standard ISA bus and/or PCI/ISA bus passive backplane with PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacture Group) Compatible.
An internal 64-bit wide second level (L2) cache supports 256KB or 512KB running of full CPU core speed is provided on CPU package.
Using Intels Pentium® 440FX PCI set together with parity DRAM modules can detect multi-bit memory errors and correct 1-bit memory errors. The systems memory upgradable from 8MB to 256MB FPM or EDO SIMMs.
The PRO-P6VT also support two PCI EIDE interface for up to four devices, pipelined snoop ahead feature, and improved PCI to DRAM write-back policy.
VGA Subsystem of PRO-P6VT takes advantage of both 32-bit PCI bus and 16-bit ISA bus to provide high performance graphics accelerator. The ATImach64 advanced 264VT 64-bit graphics engine with 135MHz 24-bit true colors RAMDAC and a dual clock frequency synthesizer. The ATI immediate compatibility and enhanced drivers, creative Lab audio drives and utility which are supported by most operating system and applications.
Other features include two RS-232 serial ports (16C550 UARTs FIFO compatible) one enhanced parallel port (support EPP/ECP), two floppy drives of either 5.25" and 3.5" devices.

Pentium® Pro processor P6VT
CPU 200MHz Pentium® Pro processor
Cache 256KB or 512KB
Chipset Intel" 440FX -82371SB, 82441FX, 82442FX
Support Pentium® Pro processors at Bus Frequencies up to 66 MHz. Support 32-bit Addressing.
Watchdog Timer
GLT+ Complaint Host Bus SupportUSWC cycles
PCI/ISA Master/Slave interface
Fast IDE Interface
Memory 8MB~256MB DRAM (FPM, EDO, BEDO) 
ECC functionality suported
On-Board VGA AT Imach 64 264VT 64bit, 2MB DRAM
Support 2MN Display DRAM. 135 MHz RAMDAC Resolution and Refresh Rate:
On Board I/O SMC 37C669FR Chipset, supports
1 x FDD Port (up to 2.88MB)
2 x Serial Ports (16550 Fast UART Compatible)
1 x EPP/ECP Parallel Port
IrDA TX/RX Header
PS/2 Mouse & PS/2 KB Connector
Expansion Bus PCI Rev. 2.1
5V interface Compliant. 32 bits PCI-ISA card EDGE connector is fully compatible with PICMG PCI-ISA
Bios AMI or Award w/ plug&play
Dimension (LxW) 11.3" x 4.8"
WARRANTY 1 Year Parts & Labor


On-board VGA: ATI 264VT 64bit PCI Graphic Accelerator, support 2MB Display DRAM. 135MHz RAMDAC
Display Screen Refresh Rate Hor. Scan Pixel Clock Colors (bits per pixel) 2MB DRAM
Resolution (Hz) (KHz) (MHz) 4 8 16 24 32
640 x 480 60 31.4 25.2 Y Y Y Y Y
640 x 480 90 47.9 39.9 Y v Y Y Y
640 x 480 100 53.9 44.9 Y Y Y -  
800 x 600 60 37.8 40.0 Y Y Y Y  
800 x 600 75 46.8 49.5 Y Y Y    
800 x 600 100 62.5 67.5 Y Y      
1024 x 768 75 60.0 78.8 Y Y Y    
1024 x 768 100 79.0 110.0 Y Y      
1152 x 864 60 54.9 80.0 Y Y      
1152 x 864 80 75.1 110.0 Y Y      
1280 x 1024 75 79.9 135.5 Y Y      
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