Model Number : EMB-4600
Socket 370 133MHz FSB Embedded Engine Board with VGA, Audio, LAN & NTSC/PAL TV-Out
  Socket 370 for Intel® Celeron" / Coppermine" 266~850MHz CPU
  100MHz FSB providing up to 133MHz (EMB-4600 ver 2.0 only)
  Onboard CPU temperature alarm (CTA) and CPU temperature monitoring (CTM)
  Two DIMM sockets supports maximum capacity 512MB
  Fast PCI ATA/33 IDE controller supported four IDE disk drives.
  Three RS-232 and one RS-232/422/485 serial ports
  Onboard SMC 37C669 super I/O chipset
  Onboard Intel® 100 Base-TX LAN
  Onboard ESS Solo1 3D audio controller
  Onboard 8bit Digital In/Out Function (option)
  TV-Out function (optional)
  Rockwell GPS Modules-compatible socket
  Supports ATX power function
  CPU: Socket 370 for Intel® Celeron"/ Coppermine"266 ~850MHz CPU
  Bus Interface: PCI Bus
  Bus Clock Rate: 100MHz Clock Rate supporting up to 133MHz
  Memory: Two DIMM sockets support up to 256MB
  Chipset: Intel®82443BX, Intel®82371
  I/O Chipset: SMC 37C669
  PCI Slot: One Standard PCI slot
  VGA: C&T 69000 with 2MB memory supported CRT/Panel with resolution up to 1280x1024 at 256 colors
  IDE: Four IDE disk drives supporting ATA/33 and with a transfer rate of up to 33MB/sec
  FDD: Supports up to two floppy disk drives
  Parallel: One enhanced bi-directional parallel port supporting SPP/ECP/EPP
  LAN: Intel® 82559 100 Base-TX LAN
  Audio: ESS Solo1 3D controller
  SerialPort: 16C550 UART-compatible RS-232/422/485 x 1 and RS-232 x 3 serial ports with 16 byte FIFO
  PC/104: PC/104 connector for 16bit ISA bus
  GPS: Supports one Rockwell GPS module-compatible socket
  IrDA: One IrDA TX/RX header
  Digital I/O: 8bit Digital I/O (HS-4600TV only)
  TV Out: Supports PAL or NTSC TV systems (HS-4600TV only)
  Keyboard: PS/2 6-pin 8-pin connector supporting standard PC/AT keyboard and PS/2 Mouse
  Mouse: PS/2 6-pin 8-pin connector supporting standard PC/AT keyboard and PS/2 Mouse
  DiskOnChip": DiskOnChip" socket supporting memory sizes of up to 288MB
  BIOS: Award PnP Flash BIOS
  DMA Channels: 7
  Interrupt Levels: 15
  Watchdog Timer: Sets 1, 2, 10, 20, 110, 220 seconds activity trigger with Reset or NMI
  CMOS: DS12C887 or equivalent device
  ATXPower: Supports ATX power supply
  Power Connector: One 4-pin+5V/12V and one 4pin -5V/-12V connector
  Maximum Power Consumption: [email protected], [email protected] 100mA
  Operating Temperature: 0~60° C
  Hardware Monitor: Winbond W83783S
  Dimension: 8" x 5.75"
3.5" PIII Embedded SBC with CRT/Panel, LAN