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Industrial Power Supply PS/2 Series Type
Model (check to quote) Input Voltage Max. Output Current MTBF
+5V +12V -5V -12V (HRs)
ACE-916V 8.5V ~16V DC 20A 4.0A 0.5A 5.0A 202,500
ACE-925A 85V ~265V AC 22A 7.0A 0.5A 0.7A 204,100
ACE-925C l9V ~30V DC 25A 6.0A 1.0A 2.0A 206,000
ACE-925T -40V ~-57V DC 25A 8.0A 1.0A 2.0A 198,500
ACE-935A 80V ~140V AC
170V ~270V AC
40A 8.0A 0.3A 0.7A 200,050
ACE-932A 85 ~130V AC
180V ~265V AC
35A 10A 0.5A 3A 124,100
ACE-932T -40V ~70V DC 35A 10A 0.5A 3A 141,000
ACE-908A 10V ~36VDC 8A 1.5A 0.5A 0.5A N/A
ACE-828A (ATX) 90V ~130VAC
180V ~260VAC
30A 15A 1A 1A 101,379
ACI-830C (ATX) 18V ~32VDC 30A 15A 1A 2A 121,233
ACI-830T (ATX) -40V ~-72VDC 30A 15A 1A 2A 112,112