The Redundant Power Supply

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Mixed Input: AC, -48VDC and +24VDC
Load Sharing Technology
Hot Swappable!!
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New generation of ACE-R20 series redundant power supplies is available in four case styles and provides fault tolerant solutions for critical applications.  The overall design is based on load sharing N+1 redundant operation and has full hot-swappable capability.  As an example, the ACE-RC02 comprise two power supplies each providing 50% of power requirements and this reduced loading effectively extends the life of the power supplies.  In the event that one power supply fails, the remaining power supply takes up the full load and the failed power supply can be safely removed and replaced without affecting output.

Output Redundancy

The ACE-R20 series redundant power supplies' output are connected via a diode switching arrangement which detectd any fault condition then isolates the faulty power supply from the system output without interruption of output power during the transition.  Only standard passive backplane connections are required as all redundancy functions are contained in the power supply units.

Input Redundancy

For the additional protection of input redundancy, the ACE-R20 series can simultaneously operate from independent, sources of input power (AC, -48VDC, or 24VDC)


ACE-R20A: Universal Input, 85V to 265VAC
ACE-R20T: -36VDC to -7VDC
ACE-R20C: 19VDC to 30VDC

Output (at operating temp. 45C):

Output Min. Load Rated Load Max. Load Peak Load
+5V 1A 20A 25A  
+12V 0.1A 4A 6A 7A
-12V   0.5A 1A  
-5V   0.5A 1A  





From 45C to 70C will de-rating 45% od output power.

Ripple and Noise:

The peak to peak ripple and noise for +12V is less than 140mV, for other output is less than 1% each output voltage at rated load.

Line regulation:

The output line regulation for +12V is less than +/- 2%, for other outputs are less than +/-1% while measuring at rated loading and +/-10% of input voltage changing.

Load regulation:

The output voltage load regulation is less than the values in the following table by changing each output load +/-40% from 60% rated load, and keep all other outputs at 60% rated load.

+5V: +/-3% +12V: +/-5%
-12V: +/-2% -5V: +/-2%



Hold Up Time (ACE-R20 only):

Hold up time is 14ms typical at 115VAC by measuring from the last AC line charging pulse to the point that +5V drop down to +4.75V.

Power good signal:

When power is turned on, the power good signal will go high 100ms to 500ms after all output DC voltage are within regulation limits.

Power fail alarm:

If power fail, it would turn on red LED and beep.

Power sharing and redundancy:

This power has power sharing and redundant  capability.  When doing that the power share line (pin-7, 19) must connect with each other.

MTBF (meantime between failure):

ACE-R20A: 131,547 Hrs
ACE-R20T: 141,322 Hrs
ACE-R20C: 146,383 Hrs

Thermal Protection:

Thermal protection is setting at 110 +/-5C

Ouput protection:

For some reason the power supply fails to control itself, the built in over voltage protection circuit will shut down the outputs to prevent damaging external circuits.  The trip point of crowbar circuit is around 5.7V to 7.0V. The power supply will go into hiccup mode against short circuit or over load conditions, and will auto-recovery while faulty conditions are removed.


65% typical by measuring at nominal line and rated load.

Operating Temperature:

-20C to 70C

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