-48V/24V/12VDC Input Power Supply

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General Specifications:
Max. Input Current: 8A at -48VDC input (ACE-925T)
Input Protection: against wrong polarity
Short Circuit Protection: auto-recovery
Overvoltage Type: Crowbar, trip point 5.7V to 6.7V
Thermal Protection: use built-in 110C thermal switch in HSI
Efficiency: 70% min.
Operating Temperature: 0C to 55C
Storage Temperature: -40C to +75C
Operating Altitude: 15,000 feet
Safety Standard: TUV EN 60905/UL 1950 D3 (approved) CSA234(meet)
EMI: meet FCC class "B"
Input connector: CPU output: Burndy GTC6P-1 or equivalent
Hard Disk: AMP1-480424-0 or equivalent
3.5" floppy: AMP171822-4 or equivalent
Built -in Power Good and Power Fail Signal  

Input/Output Spec. at 50C
Model Input Voltage Peak Current
+5V  +12V
Max. Outputs Current
+5V  +12V   -5V  -12V
ACE-925T -40V to 65VDC 30A  12A 25A    8A      1A    2A 198,500
ACE-925C 19V to 30VDC 30A  12A 25A    6A      1A    2A 206,000
ACE-916V 8.5V to 16VDC 25A  7A 20A    4A     0.5A   0.5A 202,500

Ordering Information

Model Description Quote this Power Supply
ACE-925T 250W/-48VDC Input Power Supply (UL and TUV approved) (click here)
ACE-925C 250W/+24VDC Input Power Supply (UL and TUV approved) (click here)
ACE-916V 160W/+12VDC Input Power Supply (UL and TUV approved) (click here)

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