ACE-890A/890T/890C/890V Series
Industrial Compact Size Power Supply


Input/Output Spec. at 50C
Model Input Voltage +12V Peak Current Max. Output Current MTBF
+5V +12V -5V -12V
ACE-890A 85~265VAC 4A 12A 4A N/A 1A 268,358
ACE-890T 36~72VDC 4A 12A 4A N/A 1A 269,884
ACE-890C 18~36VDC 4A 12A 4A N/A 1A 252,383
ACE-890V 9~16VDC 4A 12A 4A N/A 1A 245,424


General Specifications:
Ripple and Noise: The peak to peak ripple and noise for +5V is less than 50mV. As for the other outputs are less than 100mV.  Measurement is done by 15MHz band width limited oscilloscope and terminated each output with a 0.47uF capacitor at rated loading, norminal line.


Line Regulation: The output line regulation for +5V is less than +/-1%, for +12V is less than +/-2%, for -12V and -5V is less than +/0-3% while measuring at rated loading and +/-10% of input voltage changing.


Load Regulation: The output voltage load regulation is less than the values in the following table by changing each output load +/- 40% from 60% rated load.
Output # +5V: +/-1%   +12V:+/-5%
Hold-up Time (ACE-890A): Hold-up Time is 16ms typical by measuring from the last AC line changing pulse to the point that +115V AC


Output Protection: The built-in over voltage protection circuit will shut down the outputs to prevent damaging external circuits.  The trip point of crowbar circuit is around 5.7V to 7.0V.


Efficiency: The efficiency is higher than 70% by measuring at norminal line and rated load.


Safety: Designed to meet the following standards
UL 1950 D3 (ACE-870A/870T/870C approved)
TUVS EN60 950 (ACE-870A/870T/870C approved)
CSA 22.2 No. 234


EMI: Meet the FCC docket 20780 curve "B" (ACE-890A)


  • ACE-890A : 268,358 hours
  • ACE-890T : 269,884 hours
  • ACE-890C : 252,383 hours
  • ACE-890V : 245,424 hours
Operating Temperature: -20 to 70C


Storage Temperature: -20 to 85C
Altidute: 0 to 10,000ft
  • 89(W) x 39(H) x 152.4(D)mm
  • 3.5"(W) x 1.5"(H) x 6"(D)inch
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ACE-890A AC Universal 90W Power Supply (click here)
ACE-890T 48VDC Input 90W Power Supply (click here)
ACE-890C 24VDC Input 90W Power Supply (click here)
ACE-890V 12VDC Input 75W Power Supply (click here)
#-A: DC cable to backplane P8/P9 connector, 40cm
#-B: DC cable to CPU board 8-pin power connector, 40cm
ACE-890A also includes AC input cable kit, 60cm

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