ACE-855 Series
AC/DC Input LCD Panel PC Power Supply

Industrial Feature
  • ACE-855A:
47-400Hz input frequency
  • ACE-855C:
16V - 32VDC input
  • ACE-845V:
9.5V - 18VDC input
  • 100% equipped "NIPPON CHEMI-CON"
    super high reliability Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
  • 60KHz Switching Frequency Custom PWM Control IC inside
  • -20C to 70C Operating Temperature
  • High precision and stable DC outputs for long term operation
  • No min. load operation
  • Most suitable for LCD panel PC application. (A Pentium" System will need at lest +5V/5A)
  • MTBF > 20 years

Input/Output Spec. at 50C
Model Max. Load Peak Load MTBF
+5V  +12V +5V  +12V Hours
ACE-855A 8A  1.2A 10A  4A 335,800 hrs
ACE-855C 8A  1.2A 10A  4A 327,400 hrs
ACE-845V 6A  1.1A 8A    2A 339,600 hrs
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