Keybrd || Accessory || Multiport Board

Specification 1-12Mbyte capacity
32 pin DIP EPROM/BIOS compatible package
Embedded TrueFFS® Provides
Bootable Flash Disk and BIOS in one package
Single 5 supply
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AS-25/35 Anti-vibration Disk Drive Bay Series
Model# AS-25, AS-35
Features Resistant different side shock and vibration
Standard dimansion and mounting holes for 3.5" & 2.5" Drives
Vibration 5 ~ 20Hz, 5.0G peak to peak
60 ~200Hz, 30G peak to peak
Shock 50 G peak acceleration
Temperature Operating : 0°C ~ 70°C
Storage :-20°C ~ 85°C
Application Industrial PCs
Portable PCs
Man-machine & factory computer
File Servers
Automabile computer
Boat computer