CS-R4 & CS-R8
Multi-PC Controller

CompuSwitch is available in 4-channel and 8-channel models. Connect any mix of PCs(PS/2 or AT), Suns, and Macs, running
any operating system. Raritan's unique keyboard and mouse emulation ensures flawless operation. Cascade CompuSwitch units to
control up to 64 computers.

Installation is as easy as connecting computers with our tangle-proof, coaxial, double-shielded cables, available in lengts of
2, 6.5, 13, 20, and 30 feet. Then plug in your keyboard, monitor, and mouse to operate.

Select computers directly by touching the individual channel buttons on the front panel or by using hot-key commands from
the keyboard. Standard features like AutoScan and AutoSkip make operation simple and convenient. For an additional keyboard,
monitor, mouse access point up to 650 feet away, use Raritan's Cat5 Reach.

CompuSwitch 4 and 8-channel models are available in a 1U industrial-strength, rack mount chassis with a built-in cable
support bracket for a neat, proffesional installation.


High reliability, low cost, easy to use
4-channel & 8-channel desktop models
Optional 19" rackmount brackets for desktop models - 1U
Optional rack mount extensions for 24" racks
Dedicated keyboard and mouse smulator for each PC ensures flawless operation
Multi-platform - mix PCs, Macz, Suns, Alphas, RS/6000s, HP9000s, SGIs, ASCII-based devices; also USB support
Easy to manage, tangle-proof, high-resolution PC cables
Supports VGA, SVGA, XGA high resolution video - 1600x1200
Use hot-key commands or individual channel buttons on front panel for convenient operation
Supports IntelliMouse
SCAN for effortless monitoring
SKIP to filter unused channels


Dimensions - 15.40"(W)x 7.87"(D) x 1.75"(H)
Weight - 4.9lbs
with cable support bracket
No external power required

Dimensions - 10.55"(W)x 7.87"(D) x 1.75"(H)
Weight - 3.6lbs
with cable support bracket
No external power required

Optional DC Adapter - 6V/500mA
Warranty - 1 year

Ordering Information

    8-Channel model:
O-CS8R-B (Black color)
O-CS8R-W (White color)
    4-Channel model:
O-CS4R-B (Black color)
O-CS4R-W (White color)