MiniPCI Modules
Image Specification

MP-Hs559 enlarge
  • Integrated IEEE 802.3 10 Base-T and 100 Base-TX compatible PHY Glue less 32-bit PCI master interface
  • Integrated power management functions
  • ACPI and PCI power managemnet standards compliant
  • Magic Packet support
  • Backward compatible software for the Intel 82558 and Intel 82557
  • Full Duplex support at both 10 and 100Mbps
  • IEE 802.3u Auto-Negotiation support
  • 3Kbyte transmit and 3Kbyte receive FIFOs
  • Fast back-to-back transmission support with minimum interface spacing TCP/UDP checksum offload capabilities
  • Deep poweer down support
  • MP-Hs559 Industrial Mini PCI LAN Add-on Card

MP-Hs876 enlarge
  • Single, high performance, mixed signal, 16-bit stereo
  • Mini PCI Bus interface
  • High quality ESFM music synthesizer
  • Dynamic range (SNR) over 80dB
  • Integrated Spatializer 3D VBX stereo audio effects processor
  • Record, compress, and play back voice, sound and music
  • 16-bit stereo ADC and DAC
  • Programmable independent sample rates from 6kHz up to 48kHz for record and playback Full duplex operation for simultaneous record and playback
  • Stereo inputs for line in and a mono input for microphone
  • Supports PC games and applications for SoundBlaster and Soundblaster Pro
  • MP-Hs876 Industrial Mini PCI 3D Audio Add-on Card

MP-Hs878 enlarge
  • Supports multi standard NTSC/PAL/SECAM video decoding
  • Mini PCI Bus Interface (supports EMB-1600, EMB-2601...)
  • AV or S-video input (BNC or RCA)
  • Supports complex clipping of video source and VGA video overlay
  • Chroma and luma comb filters / scalers
  • Horizontal scaling and vertical cropping
  • Filters and scales Y/C video with a 6-tap luma / 2-tap chroma polyphase circuit block
  • WebTV for Windows
  • Digital Cable
  • Video email, video editing and video phone
  • Motion video and still frame

    MP-Hs878 Industrial Mini PCI Capture Add-on Card