CPS-2500 System
4U Height CompactPCI

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    CompactPCI System equipped with Intel Celeron 700MHz CPU, 128MB memory 20GB IDE HDD, 1.44MB Slim FDD, 6.4" TFT LCD display
    CompactPCI System equipped with Intel Celeron 700MHz CPU, 128MB memory 20GB IDE HDD, 1.44MB Slim FDD
PCIMG 2.0 CompactPCI Specification R2.1 Compilant 4U height enclosure for 3U form factor CompactPCI
PICMG 2.1 CompactPCI Hot Swap Specification R1.0 Compilant Side handle design for portable applications
Standard 3U form factor Stand feel on the bottom side for desktop applications
Design for Intel® socket-370 ®Pentium-III/Celeron CPU Mounting kit is designed for wall-mount applications. It can be top, bottom or side mounted.
Supports up to FC-PGA ®Pentium-III at 850MHz or Celeron CPU at 733MHz Support five peripheral slots, one system slot and one 47-pin modular PSU, support either AC or DC input
One 144 -pin SO-DIMM socket supports up to 256MB RAM with ECC support Self-cooling system using two 90CFM fans. Fans and air filter are removable for easy maintenance.
Build-in housing for 2.5" low profile HDD Comprehensive EMC shielding
1.44MB Slim type floppy drive module Optino high brightness 6.4" LCD module available
Two on-board EIDE 44-pin connector   Chassis Partition and Notes
Built-in 2x USB ports, 2x setial ports, 1x parallel port 5-slot for 3U 32-bit peripheral cards
Seperate PS/2 type keyboard and mouse connectors 3-slot for system slot
Supports 7 bus-master PCI devices on CompactPCI bus for periheral slots 2-slot for one 47-pin 3U cPCI power supply units
On-board high performance AGP 2x VGA/LCD display output by SMI-721 controller CP-3700A 3U CompactPCI CPU card is designed to fit the system slot of CP-2551 for LCD display
VGA resolution up to 1280 x 1024 cPWR-15xxA series AC or DC input modular power supplies fit the CP-2500 series chassis
LCD resolution up to 1024 x 768 for 24-bit RGB-TFT LCD A 6.4" TFT LCD (10-slot width) available for CP-2551
  Supports dual-display and simultaneous display for both VGA and LCD output      
  On-board 10/100MB Ethernet port by Intel®82559 controller     Dimension (L x W x H)
  Supports Intel pre-boot execution environment (PXE) for remote boot 9.67" x 9" x 7.22" (without LCD, wall mount kit, card handles, and stand feet)
  One DOC socket supports up to 144MB DiskOnChip 10.8" x 9" x 7.22" (with LC, card ejectors, and stand feet, without wall-mount kit)
  3 or 2 slots width configurations are available for customized applications