RK-501/900 Compact Series
Fault Resilient Function
RK-501/900 (Black) RK-501/900 (White)
RK-501/900 Compact Series
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RK-501/900 Compact Series
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The fault resilient of RK-501/900Series is a fault detection and alarm notifivation system, which will monitor the statusof the system for you.  When any malfunction occurs, the unit will arert the users. 

The control module of RAACK-series supportsthe functions below : 
Temp sensor : TEMP1 overheat alarm temperature 75o
                    TEMP2 overheat alarm temperature 60o
Fan sensor : FAN1& FAN2 speed slowdown alarm 2000RPM 
+5V sensor : While +5V malfunction, it will alert the users. 
HD LED : Indicate whether the HD is actiive or not 
Reset button : Reset the system 
Buzzer push button : Buzzer on/off


  • Heavy-duty steel chassis
  • Fault Detection and Alarm Notification function
  • Six LED indicatiors: Temp1, Temp2, Fan1, Fan2, HDD, +5V power
  • 5 slots backplane in RK-501 series, 10 slots backplane in RK-900 series
  • Optional Backplane : 
  • RK-500 series : PCI-5S2, IP-5S2
  • RK-900 series : PCI--10S2, IP-10S2
  • RK-500 : Two 3.5" drive bays
  • RK-900 : Four drive bays :
    one 5.25" CD-ROM, two 3.5" Hard disk and one 3.5" floppy disk 
  • One removable Ball bearing fan in front and one in the rear
  • EMI : meet CE, FCC
  • Optional Power supply
  • RK-500 : ACE-716A ( 85-135VAC, 180-265VAC, 250V-370VDC input ) 
  • RK-501 : ACE-890A ( Input Voltage 85V to 264VAC )
  • RK-900 : ACE-723A ( 85-135VAC, 180-265VAC, 250V-370VDC input )
  • Vibration : 5-17Hz, 0.1" double amplitude,
    Operating Temp : 0 to 50o
  • Shock : 10G acceleration peak to peak
  • Displacement 17-640Hz, 1.5G acceleration peak to peak
  • Relative Humidity : 5 to 95% non-condensing
  • "Superior Access" design facilitates fast and easy access to all internal components
  • Dimensions :
    RK-500 series 110 x 440.4 x 211.5 ( W x D x H )
    RK-900 series 220 x 440.4 x 211.5 ( W x D x H )

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RK-501B 5-slot black color chassis, ACE-890A power supply
RK-900B 10-slot black color chassis, ACE-723A power supply