RC-100 (I/P) 3-slots Standalone Series
 Standalone Chassis
RC-100 Open BP-3SX2
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      The RC-100 is a rugged module system industrial PC chassis.  The chassis equipped with 3 slots passive backplane (3-ISA or 2-ISA + 1-PCI or 2-PCI + 1-ISA slots).  The RC-100 provides one 2.5" HD space. The Chassis also has a built in high effiecient ball bearing cooling fan, three LED indicators, and one reset switch.
  • The RC-100I provides with 3-Slots backplane and a 60-watts power supply. Total three ISA slots for ISA-Bus add-on-card.
  • The RC-100P provides with 3-Slots backplane and a 60-watts power supply.  Total three PISA slots for ISA-PISA-PCI bus add-on-card.
  • The RC-100I and RC-100P allow AC 85~265 Volt. power supply input.  Fully support all series half-size of 386/486/586/Celeron® and Pentium MMX" CPU operating.
  • Module chassis for most cost down application.
  • One 2.5" build-in driver space for HDD.
  • A high efficiency ball bearing cooling fan.
  • Rugged all steel chassis suits for industrial application.


  • Industrial Chassis: for Standalone, Wallmount or Rackmount.
  • Backplane for ISA-Bus: 3-ISA slots
  • Backplane for PISA-Bus: 2-ISA+1-PCI OR 1-ISA+2-PCI
  • Cooling Fan: DC-12V, Ball bearing.
  • Dimension: 8.58"x 8" x 3.48"
  • Drive Space: for one 2.5" HDD.
  • Power Supply: 60-Watt provides +5V 6A, +12V 2A and -12V 0.5A.


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  RC-100I      3-slots ISA backplane, 60-watt power supply 
  RC-100P     3-slots ISA-PISA-PCI backplane, 60-watt power supply