PK-100W - Wallmount Chassis
6-slot Full-length available
PK-100W Open Case
PK-100W - Wallmount Chassis
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PK-100W - Wallmount Chassis
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      Dimension 9.13" (W) x 16.5"(D) x 7"(H)


  • 6-slot full-length cards (ISA OR PCI)
  • Front ball bearing cooling fan best system cooling performance
  • One 3.5" FDD, one 3.5" HDD, and one CD-ROM space
  • Optional BP-6S, PCI-6S, or IP-6S backplane
  • Removable front fan and filter
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Standard equipped power supply - ACE-920A 200W
    • 85V - 264VAC input power supply
  • Optional Power Supplies: ACE-925A, ACE-932A, ACE-935A, ACE-925T, ACE-925C, or ACE-916V
  • Cooling fan: 32.4CFM, ball bearing type
  • Built-in Reset, Power Switch and Power, HDD LEDs
  • Color : Pantone 413C (white color)
  • Operating temperature 0~50C

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