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14-Slot Chassis

RACK-300 Open View

Ind. Color

Industrial Color & White Color Model are available

19" RACK-Mounting or Desktop application
Removable Mounting Kit
Optional 18"/24" Slide for RACK-Mounting application
Support two 3.5" drives and two 5.25" drives
Removable fan filter on front fan door
Hold-down clamp for plug-in AT or xT cards
Cooling fan: 65 CFM, Ball Bearing type
Built-in Keyboard port on front
Two reset switches for dual systems application
Backplane: BP-10S, PCI-10S, BP-12S, PCI-12S, BP-14S, BP-14SD, PCI-14S, PCI-14S2, PCI-13SD
Standard equipped power supply: ACE-925A
Optional power supply: ACE-935A/925T/925C/916V
Temperature: Operating - 0~50C
- 0~70C
Vibration: 5-17Hz, 0.1" double amplitude displacement 17-640Hz,
1.5G acceleration peak to peak
Shock: 10G acceleration peak to peak
Shipping Weight: 33.6 lbs
Ordering Information
RACK-300A: 14-slot Chassis/ACE-925A Power Supply
Industrial Color (Pantone 417C)
RACK-300AW: 14-slot Chassis/ACE-925A Power Supply
White Color (Pantone 413C)
RACK-300A/ATX: 14-slot Chassis/200W ATX Power Supply
Industrial Color, ASUS Mother Board
RACK-300AM/ RACK-300AWM: Mother Board Version (also for BP-8S or PCI-8S Backplane)
BF0-01: Backet Cooling Fan (See Miscellaneous )
AS-35: 2.5" to 5.25"
Anti-vibration Disk Drive Bay (See
Miscellaneous )
AS-25: 2.5" to 3.5"
Anti-vibration Disk Drive Bay (See
Miscellaneous )
Optional 1: 18" Slide
Optional 2: 24" Slide


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